What’s Your Instagram Cool Ratio?

Have you ever heard of your Instagram Cool Ratio? Instagram is a young person’s social media platform, and young people are obsessed with being cool. They’ve come up with a simple ratio to determine exactly how cool you are on Instagram. As hipsters say about everything they think is cool, you’ve probably never heard of it.

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No matter how many Instagram followers you have, you’re not necessarily cool. Like many such quests for coolness, it’s a way to game a system and use it differently than the squares do. Your Cool Ratio on Instagram is simply the ratio between the number of followers you have divided by the number of people you’re following. If you have a thousand Instagram followers, and you follow a thousand Instagram accounts, your Cool Ratio is 1. That’s not very cool. The idea is to get people to follow you, and ignore them in return. To a teen, that’s the ultimate manifestation of cool.

In order to accumulate followers without having to reciprocate, hipster Instagram users are finding every spammy hashtag that offers follows for follows, hitting the Instagram follower button, and when they receive a follow in return, they immediately unfollow the account, and trust that they won’t notice. Interestingly, the easiest way to improve your Cool Ratio would be to buy instagram followers, but we have no idea if that’s considered cool or not, because we’re too old to know what’s cool.

Twitter Is Cutting Edge. Be A Square To Stand Out

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Unlike many other social media sites, Twitter doesn’t really have roots in any form of old-fashioned communications, unless you consider emails with copy all buttons old-fashioned. Twitter’s image of everything up-to-date, all the time leaves openings for people who talk about the past. To attract as many twitter followers as you can, be one of the few on twitter that mentions things gone by.

Twitter has room for an oldies station of information. Since the Internet has grown up entirely in the lifetime of the people that are currently using it, the window for resurrecting memes and nostalgia is greatly shortened. In a few short years, people went from watching videos the size of postage stamps made by enthusiastic amateurs to demanding hi-definition, professionally produced content that would scale up to a flatscreen if desired. Young people like vinyl records because they are an interesting anachronism. There’s an opportunity on twitter to link to things that have disappeared from sight but have not been entirely forgotten.

Use Internet archive sites to find fads that are old in Internet years but still vaguely memorable to users, and people will flock to your twitter stream. One Numa Numa Dance tweet is probably worth a hundred dollars of buy twitter followers coupons.