Making lots of gems using a Clash of Clans hack

How to get lots of gems in game in Clash of Clans

The Clash of the Clans refers to a very popular mobile phone game where one is required to construct your village and then attacks the other players. One of the most common currencies used in this game is the Gems. The Gems is always used to help in speeding up of production and building of special buildings. It is very difficult to come up with the gems since most of the developers are always required to purchase them from the cash store. However when you plan very well, there will be no need of you spending even a cent n purchasing the Gems.

The following steps are very important when you are in need of getting lots of gems in game in Clash of Clans

Completing Achievements

Have a look at the achievement list

In the Clash of Clans game you are always awarded with achievements when you achieve certain types of goals during the game. When you successfully complete these achievements, you are awarded with rewards which include gems. The most type of achievements awards you the most number of gems.

Whenever you open your screen of achievements, you will be able to see all your current progress towards the achievements which are available. You have to prioritize your playtime in order to be in a position of earning all these achievements in the quickest means possible.

Each of these achievements normally have three different levels with rewards increasing at each of the levels.

Fight the other players


When you are interested in getting the most valuable achievements you need to battle with the other players. This is one of the best ways where you can be in a position of earning thousands of gems.

Some of the other types of high valued achievements consist of;

The sweet victory- This type of achievement is normally won by winning of the trophies in multiplayer battles. For example when you win a total of 1250 trophies, you will be able to earn 450 gems.

The unbreakable- This type of achievement is normally won after you have successfully managed to defend the attackers. Here you will earn a total of 200 gems when you defend against 1000 attacks.

Friend in Need- This type of achievement is normally won by provision of reinforcements to your friends. For example, when you provide 25000 reinforcements you will be able to earn 250 gems.

The League all star- You will achieve this award by successfully advancing through the clash of the clans’ league. When you join the Crystal league you will earn a total of 250 gems. Reaching the Master league enables you to earn 1000 gems and when you become a champion you earn 2000 gems.

The fire fighter- You will be able to earn this achievement by successfully destroying the inferno towers of your opponents. When you destroy 5000 towers you will earn 1000 gems.

The war hero- You will always earn this achievement whenever you win the stars for your clan during the war battles. Earning 1000 stars earns you 1000 gems.

Spoils of war- You earn this achievement when you manage to collect gold from the bonuses from the War. Earning gold’s totaling to100, 000,000 which gives you 1000 gems.

Complete the lesser type of achievements

As you have now learnt, there are lots of achievements which can always earn you some gems and are not related to the combat. However, they never pay out as handsomely compared to the combat achievements. You can also earn achievements by successful removal of obstacles, stealing of gold, upgrading of the town hall and removing of units as in the Dragon and Archer.

When you complete these achievements successfully, you will always earn up to 20 Gems.

Obstacle removal

Locate the rocks and plants in your village

The plants and rocks are some of the main obstacles which need to be removed always in order to be able to build up something in that area. When you start the game, there are approximately 40 objects situated around your village. It costs you gold to remove the rocks while removing the plants costs you Elixir.

Start obstacle removal

You are normally awarded 0 to 6 gems when you any obstacle.

Always leave some place for the plants to grow

The plants will always reappear after every eight hours which will enable you to remove them more often for more gems.

Earning the achievements

You will always be in a position to earn your achievements for clearing the obstacles. You will always earn 5 gems when you clear 5 obstacles. Removing 50 obstacles earns you 10 gems while removing 500 obstacles earns you 20 gems.


Brave spending of your Gems

When you start playing the clash of the clans game you can also start using a clash of clans hack, you are always awarded a total of 500 gems. Never try using these gems to try speeding up the construction of your village. Be patient since you will be in great need of these gems later in the game.